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Blowing Agent Neocellborn For Sale


Blowing Agent Neocellborn For Sale

As a Blowing Agent Neocellborn Manufacturer, share with you.

Blowing agent and its compounds developed for synthetic rubbers and various plastics.Suitable for the application requires high whiteness, odor free and environment friendly process.

1. Uniform and stable fine closed-cell foam structure

2. Smooth and easy to coat surface

3. The product complies with FDA standards, safe and environmentally friendly

4. Reduce specific gravity, improve warpage, deformation, and excellent dimensional stability

Chemical blowing agent is a chemical additive that is able to evolve gas through thermal decomposition and produce foam structures in a polymeric matrix such as plastic and rubber and is classified into organic chemical blowing agent and inorganic chemical blowing agent. 

Our company also has Blowing Agent Neocellborn on sale, welcome to contact us.

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