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Blowing Agents Master Batches For Sale


Blowing Agents Master Batches For Sale

Master batche with blowing agent is a palletized product by blending poder type of blowing agent and thermoplastic resin like as EVA, PE, PVC, etc. Customer can increase work productivity with excellent compatibility and dispersibility in thermoplastic resin. 

Hydrocerol chemical blowing agents and nucleating agent masterbatches used for foaming most all commonly used thermoplastic resins and blends. Available in exothermic and endothermic formulations. In extrusion or injection molding masterbatches can reduce weight, improve performance, reduce manufacturing costs, and create special surface effects.

Combinations and nucleated blowing agents for fine structures Mixtures of exothermal and endothermal blowing agents Combining the advantages of both action principles, we also offer mixtures of endothermal and exothermal blowing agents. These masterbatches are optimally customized to your application and your needs. 

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