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Chemical Foaming Masterbatch Manufacturer


Chemical Foaming Masterbatch Manufacturer

Foaming Agent Additive Masterbatch. Adding chemical foaming agents during the processing of plastics can create a wide range of benefits, such as: Weight reduction. Savings in raw materials. Improved flow characteristics. Prevention of shrinkage. Less downtime. Savings in energy. Reduction in cycle time.

Our foaming masterbatch select High quality pigments and additives . The different carriers can be replaced according to the plastic raw materials used in the production of the customer's products. And it can well maintain chemical stability with high concentration, pigment homodisperse, less plastic degradation, easy operation and coloration.

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Shan Dong Hao Zhi Advanced Material Technology Co.,LTD. is specialized in the production of self-developed thermoplastic polyolefin high-performance fine chemical foaming agent / chemical foaming masterbatch, foaming special resin, thermoplastic resin materials;

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