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  • China Polypropylene PP Foaming Agent Manufacturers


    Polypropylene PP Foaming Agent: In the present work, polypropylene (PP) was combined with food grade foaming agents like sodium bicarbonate and fatty acids and esters. A new approach to the creation of polypropylene (PP) based foaming materials was devel-oped using food grade foaming agents that were coated on the PP pellets. More specifically, sodium bicarbonate and organic acids were used to coat PP pellets using either polyethyleneoxide (PEO) or lipid esters as coating stabilizers. Read More

  • Buy Foaming Masterbatches Online


    Foaming Masterbatches Features 1.Foaming masterbatches are commonly used to reduce the weight of the artefacts. Moreover, the reduction in weight/volume ratio of the expanded material allows a considerable reduction in costs. 2. Foaming agents can also be used to eliminate suction phenomena, ie the superficial depressions of molded parts 3.The use of foaming masterbatches alongwith the plastic material, allows acombined velvety and matt finish givingto the finished product a soft touchfeeling Read More

  • China Blowing Agent For Sale


    Blowing Agent Use: Blowing agent encompass a wide variety of applications including refrigerators, buildings, automobiles, furniture, packaging, and many more. The blowing agent is used to create a cellular structure from liquid plastic resin, and in the case of foam used for insulation it functions as an insulating component of the foam. Read More

  • China Azodicarbonamide Blowing Agent Manufacturer


    Azodicarbonamide Blowing Agent: Azodicarbonamide (ADC) is an odorless yellow, orange color chemical widely used as a blowing agent, foaming agent and also as a food additive in baking. Azodicarbonamide (ADC) market is thriving on the demand for high-value products of plastic and rubber component on a day to day usage. Read More

  • What ' s The difference between organic and inorganic chemical blowing agents


    Chemical blowing agent is a chemical additive that is able to evolve gas through thermal decomposition and produce foam structures in a polymeric matrix such as plastic and rubber and is classified into organic chemical blowing agent and inorganic chemical blowing agent. AC01W is an inorganic and endothermic chemical nucleating foaming powder treated with special surface active coating technology. Read More

  • Blowing Agents Master Batches For Sale


    Master batche with blowing agent is a palletized product by blending poder type of blowing agent and thermoplastic resin like as EVA, PE, PVC, etc. Customer can increase work productivity with excellent compatibility and dispersibility in thermoplastic resin. Read More

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