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Polyamide PA Foaming Agent Manufacturer


Polyamide PA Foaming Agent Manufacturer

Polyamide PA Foaming Agent Description

● Application

PE, PS physical foaming lunch box, food and medicine gasket, PP injection molding.

● Competitive Edges By Applications

1. Medium-density foaming masterbatch, uniform and stable fine closed-cell foam structure

2. The product complies with FDA standards, safe and environmentally friendly

3. Simplify the process and improve production efficiency

4. Improve warpage and deformation, excellent dimensional stability

● Packing Options

Net weight: 25KG, 20KG, 1KG

The product is guided by science and technology, focusing on its resource-saving and environmentally friendly performance, and actively expanding into other new areas. The company relies on major domestic scientific research institutions, professionals and technical teams for technical guidance.

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