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  • TPR Foaming Agent Manufacturer


    As a TPR Foaming Agent Manufacturer, share with you. TPR Blowing Agent is based on the AC and foaming agent is currently the most environmentally friendly inorganic salts, through efficient distribution of modification of exothermic foaming agent. TPR Blowing Agent Advantage: 1.Stable performance. 2.Uniformity of particle size. 3.Large gas volume. 4.Less contamination,innocuity. Read More

  • Special Resin for Sheet Manufacturer


    As a Special Resin for Sheet Manufacturer, share with you. These sheets are formed using a special resin that is made by compounding styrene with synthetic rubber components using polymer-bonding technology. These sheets feature good transparency and high impact resistance, while remaining supple. They are well suited to such secondary processing as heat sealing, printing, adhesion, and coloring. Read More

  • What is thermoplastic made of


    As a thermoplastic Manufacturer​, share with you. A thermoplastic is a type of plastic made up of polymer resins that becomes a soft material when it is heated and becomes hard when it is cooled. Thermoplastics are recyclable materials that are used frequently today to create objects such as foam cups, polyethylene squeeze bottles, acrylic lenses and safety helmets. Read More

  • Special Resin for Foaming Manufacturer


    As a Special Resin for Foaming Manufacturer, share with you. Foam Special resins in combination with the proper cure catalysts, surfactants and blowing agents produce foam products. Foaming special resin is a special resin developed to solve the poor foamability of the material during extrusion and injection foaming. The foamed product using the special foaming resin has very small cells and excellent foamability. Good, improve the rigidity and hardness of foamed products. Read More

  • Azodicarbonamide Blowing Agent Manufacturer


    As a Azodicarbonamide Blowing Agent Manufacturer, share with you. Blowing agents, be defined as compounds which are thermally unstable and decompose to yield gas at the desired polymer processing temperature, are widely used to expand rubber, plastics to create foam. Most of the chemical blowing agents are organic chemicals, while inorganic chemicals are few. Read More

  • China Blowing Agent Cellborn For Sale


    As a Blowing Agent Cellborn Manufacturer, share with you. Cellborn. HaoZhi's endothermic type blowing agent and compounds developed for Extrusion molding for PS, ABS Pe and PP. Nontoxic, Odor free, and white color blowing agent manufactured by carbon dioxide gas process. It is made out of Sodium Bicarbonate so easy is to handle offering safety operation as well as optimum storage conveniences. Read More

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